Fusion Lounge menu

Fusion Lounge menu to be served only from February 15th – 25th

Must be chosen by the whole table and is served as social dining


Akami tuna – ponzu – trout roe

Danish yellowtail – katsuobushi – jalapanos

Baked cod – miso – spring onions

Softshell crab – chili – coriander

Nigiri selection – lobster maki – spicy salmon maki

Tataki wagyu – onion ponzu – garlic chips

Cherry – lychee – matcha

Kr. 645,- per person

Wine and cocktail menu kr. 550,- per person

  • Subject to any changes.
  • ​In case of allergies, please ask our waiters and chefs, who can inform you about any allergens and the ingredients in our dishes.​
  • Credit card fees: Foreign cards (not issued in the EU) 1.95%

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